Watch a special video from the THS Elem. Staff:

Click here to access the Bingo card and worksheets to review all subjects:

Reading Activities:

·      Get a book, magazine, or newspaper and read for 15 mins and then summarize what you read to someone else


·      Read with a parent, sibling, or pet

·      Facetime with a grandparent and read to them

·      Read and draw a picture to go with what you read


·      Sequence the events from what you read by acting them out for someone else


·      Do at least 1 newsela article per week on using your username and password taped in your binder


·      Review vocabulary on Quizlet, click on test, take the test, and share your score with me


·      Review word study lists on Quizlet, pick 5 words and use them in sentences with good context clues, share your sentences with me

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